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MabaoTips Soccer Tips and Prediction

The betting predictions are based on feedback from a group of proffessional staff that checks a set of variables before the game begins. As an example, we consider the weather factors during analysis, weather can influence a great deal the course of the outcome. This applies to not only soccer but other sports like rugby, cricket and many others, which are played outdoors. Based on the weather, a set of percentages are scientifically established in favor of each team, and are inserted into our prediction model used to predict which soccer team is more likely to win the game.

Many more parameters are taken into consideration in predicting the matches we present to our customers. It's not an easy job but we`ve learned to do it with near-perfection and with utmost consideration of the bettors and soccer fanatics using our soccer prediction services! We believe in customer centricity in business and we have proof that it has worked in our favour - all happy customers always come back.

We provide free betting tips to our customers. These games are designed to help new visitors and free members to place the best bets on some of the most important games of the day. However, not all betting tips we offer are free! We also offer premium betting tips and sports predictions which some have termed 100% sure tips, Subscribing to our '100% sure betting tips' or our 'VIP betting Tips' is a way of supporting us to keep up the good work of providing our services to more soccer fanatics everyday; We like to see our cutomers happy. If you feel anxious placing your sports bets before the match you`ve selected even begins, you could also consider Live Betting, and place your bets LIVE. The great part about live betting, is that you have a choice to indicate the final results of the competition based on how you see the game and its finality.

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Our platform uses Decimal Odds also known as European Odds, that is, 1.8 x “initial investment” equals your final win. We use this type of displaying the odds, because it is widely used both locally and internationally and it is easy to understand.

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