Unveiling the Secrets of Betika Jackpots (Grand, Midweek and Sababisha Daily Jackpots).

Dream of winning millions in Kenya? Betika Jackpots offer a thrilling shot, but know the rules before you play. This guide explains Betika's Grand and Midweek Jackpots, how to participate, consolation prizes, stake limits, and what happens if a game is cancelled. Gamble responsibly and place your Betika Jackpot bet with caution!

Betika is a leading online betting platform in Kenya, offering a variety of sports betting options. But for many Kenyan gamblers, the ultimate thrill lies in the Betika Jackpots. These jackpots offer massive payouts, potentially changing the lives of lucky winners.

This article delves into the details of Betika Jackpots, answering key questions for those interested in participating:

What are the Betika Jackpots?

Betika offers two main jackpots:

  • The Grand Jackpot: This is the biggest prize Betika offers, currently standing at a whopping Ksh 100 Million (subject to change). It involves correctly predicting the outcome of 17 pre-selected football matches.
  • The Midweek Jackpot: This jackpot offers a smaller prize of Ksh 15 Million, but with a slightly less daunting task of predicting the results of 15 football matches correctly.
  • The Sababisha Daily Jackpot: This jackpot offers a smaller prize of Ksh 500000, but with a slightly less daunting task of predicting the results of 8 football matches correctly

How to Access the Betika Jackpots?

To participate in the Betika Jackpots, you'll need to be a registered user:

  1. Register an Account: Sign up on the Betika website or mobile app. Alternatively, register via SMS by texting "BETIKA" to 290290 (standard SMS charges apply).
  2. Fund Your Account: Deposit funds into your Betika account using Mpesa.
  3. Locate the Jackpot Section: Navigate to the "Jackpots" section within the Betika platform.
  4. Choose Your Jackpot: Select the jackpot you want to participate in (Grand Jackpot or Midweek Jackpot or Sababisha Daily Jackpot).
  5. Place Your Bets: Analyze the matches and make your predictions for each. Remember, the minimum stake applies (Ksh 10 for Sababisha Daily Jackpot, Ksh 15 for Midweek Jackpot and it's subject to change for Grand Jackpot).
  6. Confirmation and Receipt: Confirm your selections and finalize your participation. Betika will provide confirmation or a receipt for your bet.


  • Check Betika's website or app for the latest jackpot information, including current prize amounts, minimum stakes, and match selections.
  • Gamble responsibly. Only bet what you can afford to lose and avoid chasing losses.

What Happens if Multiple People Win the Jackpot?

If multiple people win the Betika Jackpot, the total prize money will be split fairly among all the winners. This applies to both the Grand Jackpot and the Midweek Jackpot.

For example, if 10 people correctly predict all the matches for the Grand Jackpot, each winner would receive Ksh 20 million (200 million / 10 winners).

Are There Bonuses or Consolation Prizes?

Betika offers consolation prizes for those who come close to winning the Grand or Midweek Jackpots by correctly predicting a significant number of matches (usually not the full 17 out of 17). Sababisha Daily Jackpot has No Bonus.

  • Consolation Prize Tiers: Betika might offer consolation prizes for correctly predicting a specific number of matches, such as 12, 13, or 14 out of 17 for the Grand and Midweek Jackpots.
  • Prize Type: The consolation prizes might not be cash payouts, but rather:
    • Free Bets: Betika might credit your account with free bet tokens for future bets, often with restrictions.
    • Other Promotions: Betika could offer entry into other promotional draws or contests.

Key Points:

  • Consolation prizes are not guaranteed and might depend on Betika's current promotions.
  • Always check the specific terms and conditions associated with consolation prizes for details and restrictions.

Finding the Latest Information on Consolation Prizes:

  • Check Betika's official website or app for the "Jackpots" section or jackpot-related promotions for the most up-to-date information.
  • Contact Betika's customer support directly for the latest details on consolation prizes.

Minimum and Maximum Stake Amounts for Betika Jackpots

The minimum and maximum stake can vary depending on the jackpot and promotions:

  • Minimum Stake:
    • Sababisha Daily Jackpot: Consistently Ksh 10
    • Midweek Jackpot: Consistently Ksh 15
    • Grand Jackpot: Standard minimum likely higher than Midweek Jackpot (around Ksh 50 or Ksh 60)
  • Maximum Stake:
    • No specific maximum stake per entry, but payout limitations exist:
      • Maximum Payout per Bet: Ksh 4,000,000 (winnings capped at this amount)
      • Maximum Daily Payout: Ksh 8,000,000 (total winnings across all bets)

Finding the Latest Stake Information:

  • The most reliable source for current minimum and maximum stake amounts is Betika's official website or app. Look for the Jackpots section or specific jackpot information.

What Happens When a Jackpot Game is Cancelled?

A cancelled game can affect the jackpot depending on the situation and Betika's specific terms and conditions. Here's a breakdown of the possibilities:

  • Short Postponement (Under 72 Hours):

    • Betika might wait for the postponed game to be played before determining the winner.
    • In some cases, they might conduct a public draw or use a certified random number generator to determine the outcome of the missing game.
  • Long Postponement/Cancellation (Over 72 Hours):

    • Betika might choose to refund all stakes placed on the Jackpot.
    • They could use the result of the previous or subsequent match in the same competition to determine the outcome of the cancelled game.
    • Betika might hold a public draw or use a random number generator, especially if multiple games are affected.
  • Multiple Cancellations:

    • Betika has the right to entirely cancel the Jackpot and issue full refunds.
    • In some cases, they might conduct an alternative draw based on the remaining valid games.

Key Points:

  • Always refer to Betika's official terms and conditions for their specific policies regarding cancelled games.
  • The chosen course of action (refund, alternative results, draw) will depend on the circumstances.
  • Check Betika's website or app for announcements regarding any changes related to cancelled jackpot games.
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